... Andreas Berger

Source: Awek
Andreas Berger, Managing Director Awek AG

1. Awek celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010. What were your most important milestones?

By integrating Awek C-POS in Barsbüttel and Awek microdata in Bielefeld under the one roof of Awek AG, since 2001 we have positioned ourselves as a full service provider of POS systems with our hardware, software and comprehensive services. Since developing the first computer-based POS systems, our solutions have rapidly advanced. The integration of charge cards into the POS system, PTB Certification, self-scanning solutions, touch-screen systems and the new web-based central software solution euroCONTROL should be mentioned as milestones.

In addition, important milestones are also the many awards for our products. This year the software solution euroCONTROL won the TOP-Produkt Handel (Top Retail Product) award, in 2009 our multimedia terminal smartVIEWER won this title. Most important to us are our customer projects. For many years our POS systems have been used at Globus, Edeka, KNV and Fressnapf as well as Kamps and other customers.

2. Would you like to also remain a medium-sized company in the future? Is the pressure from large competitors or large chain stores mounting?

Our position as a medium-sized solid company with a one-stop full service package has the advantage that we are a predictable and reliable partner. We are not controlled from the outside or from the top down, but we determine our goals based on our company. We don’t pursue short term profits, but count on long term and solid growth.

The large chain stores appreciate working with a company that stands out by its consistency, honesty and fundamental values. Our large competitors have pros and cons in their respective areas. We face the competition by being flexible and by time and again developing innovative solutions that did not exist in this form on the market before. Our expertise as a full-range supplier with hardware, software and services is one of our strengths, which sets us apart from the competition.

3. What can trade fair visitors expect from Awek at the next EuroShop?

At the EuroShop Awek we will present a completely new revolutionary hardware solution for the cash register workplace, which will permit a large amount of flexibility. The system is presently being patented and introduced at the trade fair for the very first time. In our software solutions at the trade fair we will present the new graphical user interfaces of POS software euroCASH for the first time. The user interfaces were developed in collaboration with ergonomic specialists and combine ergonomic insights with a modern look.

One pragmatic new product at our booth will be the solution smartSTORAGE. This is a special storage unit for permanent data storage. This network-compatible, safe and sealed storage unit serves the intake of tax-relevant sales data. By archiving cash receipt data and other data on the memory, retail sellers can observe the regulations of the GdPdU (Principles of data access and verifiability of digital records) and file tax relevant cash receipts data over a period of at least ten years. At a tax audit, the data is filed on a data medium and left with the tax auditor. This way, retail sellers are on the safe side during tax audits and can avoid penalties.