"Top class!" body-art Varieté experience at the Apollo

"Top class!" the body-art Varieté experience at the Apollo Varieté Theatre Düsseldorf

Amazing show coupled with first-class catering

At the Apollo Varieté Theater Düsseldorf from February to March 2008 everything will be "top class!". The title of the 73rd performance says it all and the unique as well as impressive performances by the international artists are absolutely top class. While Spaniard Fernando Miguel lets the white balls glide through his figures incredibly fast during his high-speed juggling act, Evgenij Pimonenko as “Pierrot” presents an unforgettable show in which a perfect symbiosis between the rich tradition of Russian juggling and fine pantomime is created. If the flight by aerial ring acrobat Olena Yakymenko under the Varieté canopy is more passionate and expressive, then host Jan van Dyke along with partner Frankie Boy ensures considerable chaos on stage; freely interpreted according to the motto: gestures say more than words...
If you would like to bring the day at the fair to a close in a pleasant atmosphere coupled with the best in entertainment, then a visit to the Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf is just the thing for you.

Show & Dine
In keeping with the Varieté tradition, the Apollo not only offers a breath-taking combination of acrobatics, comedy, juggling and music, but also good food. The cuisine and wine cellar at Roncalli’s Apollo have monthly-alternating menus, which complement a comprehensive house menu, and in addition to your Varieté ticket, can be booked under the key word “Show & Dine”, also ideal as a client incentive.

Varieté tradition on the Rhine
Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté on the Rheinufer (bank of the Rhine) opened its doors in 1997, almost 40 years after the last curtain fell on the old Düsseldorf “Apollo” Varieté theatre. Since then, under the artistic direction of Bernhard Paul, the founder of the Circus Roncalli, international Varieté artists have been presenting a monthly-alternating programme at the venue in classic Varieté style.

Mondays to Fridays 20.00 hrs
Tickets cost between 19.00 and 39.00 Euro

Roncalli´s Apollo Varieté Theater
Haroldstrasse 1 / Apollo Platz 1
40213 Düsseldorf

Ticket reservations: 0211-828 90 90

Further information on the Internet at: www.apollo-variete.de