"Kunst im Tunnel" (Art in the Tunnel) below the Rhine Promenade

Since early 2007 Düsseldorf can enjoy a new exhibition house. Below the popular Rhine Promenade—in a space located between the tunnel pipes for automobile traffic that has remained unused until today—a spectacular meeting place for contemporary art has emerged under the name of KIT (Kunst im Tunnel – Art in the Tunnel).

The visible entrée to KIT is a pavilion on the Promenade that is glassed on the Rhine side, which has a floor area of roughly 130 square metres and offers around 50 seats as a café/bistro. From here, a wide staircase leads to the subterranean exhibition area.

The actual exhibition room lies—not unlike a submarine—two metres under the Rhine Promenade. The traffic flows to the right, to the left and below the room—around 55,000 vehicles daily. Visitors of the "art tunnel" notice none of this, however, thanks to the 1.2 metre thick concrete walls that let absolutely no sound through. Approximately 888 square metres are available for exhibitions in the tunnel. The room narrows in an elliptically curved fashion from around 11 metres down to one metre, giving the location an unmistakable architectural allure. Two large skylights of armoured glass allow Rhine strollers a glance from above into the exhibition below.

The primary beneficiaries of the new exhibition house are young, promising artists, most notably graduates of the Düsseldorf art academy. Winners of the provincial capital's art award also have access to this delightful venue for the presentation of their works. During the retail trade fair, EuroShop, in February 2008, the exhibition "Believe Me – Sculpture and Sketch between Illusion and Reality" will be running at KIT.

Further information at: www.kunst-im-tunnel.de