"Checkout systems have to be stable, intuitive to use and also affordable at the same time"

Interview with Marcel Mansfeld, CEO, pepperbill GmbH


Retailers are always searching for new ways to enhance the customer's shopping experience. This includes the integration of gastronomic offerings - especially in supermarkets. And also here, the customer has to pay. Therefore, pepperbill has developed a holistic solution specifically designed for local businesses. In this interview, CEO Marcel Mansfeld explains what benefits a mobile checkout solution has for the user.
Photo: Marcel Mansfeld; © pepperbill

Marcel Mansfeld: "Restaurateurs need to be able to depend on a stable and fast checkout system"; © pepperbill

Mr. Mansfeld, how have demands for payment options in the gastronomy sector changed over the past few years?

Marcel Mansfeld: Restaurateurs increasingly find themselves in a strong competitive environment and therefore depend on a solid performing checkout system that also delivers transparent numbers as a basis for all business decisions. Price point and quick assistance in difficult cases are also crucial. The question is how these requirements can be best met and added value created.

How can a mobile checkout solution help in meeting these requirements?

Mansfeld: We developed pepperbill in a close dialog with the restaurateurs and also consider their needs in continuous development. It is our goal to offer them a solution that ideally serves their practical needs and that is also affordable.

Since our work is cloud-based and since we focus on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, that being end devices that were originally developed for consumers, we are able to offer our customers a solid, intuitively usable and at the same time affordable system. Numerous functions like a dashboard, with which they are able to see and analyze all relevant data in real time, help them in managing their business efficiently.
Photo:  iPad checkout system by pepperbill; © pepperbill

With the use of the iOS app, users can save up to 90 percent of acquisition cost as the use of a classic checkout system is no longer necessary; © pepperbill

What role do mobile checkout solutions play in the gastronomy sector today? Are stationary checkout systems sooner or later going to be obsolete?

Mansfeld: We see pepperbill as a "revolutionary simple iPad checkout system" – "revolutionary" because we believe in its power as a disruptive innovation. With its functions and price, pepperbill stands out from the classic checkout systems. These advantages are vital for small and medium-sized companies. Several hundred restaurateurs in over 70 German cities already rely on pepperbill. And we are expecting continued strong market growth.

What other advantages does pepperbill offer its users?

Mansfeld: pepperbill is an integrated checkout system for local businesses. Our application is specifically designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and can therefore be operated without extended training periods. Aside from the classic functions of a checkout system such as tallying, product management and billing, we offer our customers additional useful features. Via the dashboard, owners are for instance able to see in real time and regardless of the location when most customers come to their place of business and which products are most sought after. This way, they are able to make the correct statistically informed decisions to make their company successful.

Interview: Daniel Stöter; EuroShop
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