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There is no way around EuroShop, the World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair:

with 120,000 m² net exhibition space and 2,500 exhibitors from around 60 countries it is both the trendsetter and an indispensable information and communication platform for all decision-makers in retail. Its ranges offer fascinating diversity: from shop fitting, architecture, lighting or refrigeration units to the complete gamut of visual marketing and live marketing stagings all the way down to highly specialised retail technology. Look forward to the biggest EuroShop of all times

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50 Years EuroShop

A Global Career made in Düsseldorf!
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EuroShop 2017: Retuned for your success.

In transforming itself, EuroShop 2017 is responding to the developments in the industry. And it is replacing the old 4-sector structure with an array of 7 themed dimensions – each with clear topics and content. Read more

EuroShop 2017 - All Dimensions of Success

Enjoy our trailer - it will provide a perfect overview about the dimensions of EuroShop

EuroShop 2017: Sitemap

On a gross exhibition space of over 200,000 sqm, the 2017 event will be the place for more than 2,200 exhibitors from 50-plus countries to showcase their ideas, products and services. Explore EuroShop

Special areas @ EuroShop

Get an first idea of the special areas planned at EuroShop 2017 Find out more

Supermarket lighting: good times for shopfitters

Lighting design has become a much-appreciated design element in shopfitting. Read more in the magazine

Category Management: Great planning is crucial for sales

The job profile for the category manager is as multifaceted as the products this sector revolves around. Read more in the magazine

Simon Damböck

3 questions to … Simon Damböck, atelier damböck

.. about trends of trade show booths
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Overregulation: Burdening America's small retailers

06/06/2016 - The expanding scope and cost of government regulation are placing new burdens on America’s small businesses, hindering their ability to create jobs and drive economic growth, according to a new survey released by the National Retail Federation. read more

International trade is a major supporter of U.S. employment

23/05/2016 - The recently negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement will have a positive impact on both retailers and American consumers once enacted, according to a new report released by the National Retail Federation. read more

Eco-friendly store brands are a 'win-win-win situation'

17/05/2016 - Private label brands (PLBs), like Costco’s Kirkland or Walmart’s Great Value, represent 17 per cent of total sales in the United States, growing by about 13 per cent annually. That’s big business for retailers, and it could be bigger still. A new study shows profits for PLBs, also called store brands, can increase if companies couple ethical marketing with higher prices. read more