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Topic: Digital product presentation

The eyes lust for more and technology makes it happen: digital signage provides an almost infinite pool of presentation types for advertising managers. In a time when multichannel retailing has become the workhorse, these types of advertising can also be linked and contents updated at the touch of a button. Read more in the Topic

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EuroShop 2014 exceeds Optimistic Expectations

Retail in a Great Mood to Invest!

More than 109,000 trade visitors attended the world’s No.1 trade fair for retail and its partners in Düsseldorf –110 nations represented
Read more

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EuroShop 2014 - Live Coverage

EuroShop 2014 - Live Coverage

We reported live from the trade fair halls for you! Read more

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C-star New business in the Far East

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Action opens its 500th store

15/12/2014 - Action, the largest non-food discount retailer in Europe and ‘Retailer of the Year Europe 2014-2015’, is opening its 500th store. The 500th Action store is located in Kortrijk, Belgium. This is just one of 11 new stores that the store chain will be opening this week: the largest number of stores ever opened in a single week in the history of Action. read more

Stationary retail as a market place for generations

10/12/2014 - In the old days, it was the market square; today's generation of elderly people likes to have a chat at the café integrated into the supermarket. Stationary retail is facing the challenge of a rapidly aging society. Veit Gregor Lange of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management has examined how established German retailers react to the requirements of an aging society. read more

Product quality ranks top priority for the fashion industry

10/12/2014 - As decision-makers in the fashion industry look ahead to 2015, the uncertainty of the global economy has forced many to modify their market strategies to better adhere to demand and quality standards. read more

Innovative new space planning application lets retailers’ planogram anything

01/12/2014 - The application from Galleria will see retailers equipped with the ability to planogram any fixture type for the first time in the history of space planning. The solution is born from experience to eliminate the obstacles faced by retailers around the world, providing the capability to plan, automate and optimize for all fixture types within one application. read more